An Experience at ‘The Farm’

2017 at Anokhi started with a bang – the much anticipated trip to ‘The Farm’. In spite of it being a chilly, wintry morning, the air was charged with excitement. Come 7:30am, everyone was bundled up, all geared up for ‘their first ever Field Trip’.

The hour long bus drive flew off in a jiffy, amidst a lot of singing and different games. The moment ‘The Farm’ came into sight, our li’l ones couldn’t wait to disembark and race off, to pet all the animals.

Initially, a little apprehensive, they soon warmed up and all the farm dogs were showered with hugs aplenty. The next stop was the hen coop, where our brave tykes themselves fed their feathered friends. The rabbits, turtles, and land tortoise were next in line and apart from feeding them, our children also learnt a lot of facts about these animals which will stay with them for a long time to come. They also got to see one of the beautiful miracles of nature: An egg hatching and the developmental stages of a fledgeling.

All the animal feeding got our munchkins really hungry and resulted in a little picnic on the lovely lawns of the ‘The Farm’, owned by the extremely pleasant Kanteli. She was our most patient and charming guide, and host, taking all of us around and answering the never ending queries of our curious little ones!

Picnic Time

Picnic Time

Post the picnic, we had a fascinating nature walk in her beautiful property. Kanteli helped us pluck Curry Leaves, Tamarind, Pepper, and the Wood Sorrel, and showed us how Turmeric is harvested. We all left with a little goodie bag of fresh produce from the farm and a holistic experience to last us a lifetime.