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I did a lot of search/research before sending my son to Anokhi. Did a check on the founders and their experience/expertise/capabilities, but was a bit sceptical considering they were just starting Anokhi. But decided to go with Anokhi after being convinced with their capabilities, after 2 rounds of visits and discussions with the team at Anokhi.
My son loved the place from day1 and has never looked back ever since. There were days when he cried to stay back at Anokhi after school time .

What I loved about Anokhi is the way they watch each child and give feedback. Never a negative comment or complaint. Some of the observations were surprising to us (like his interest in books and puzzles – I thought he was a lil too small for puzzles), but that has helped us in encouraging him to do more of what he’s interested in. I believe that as parents we should try and help our kids find out what they’re interested/talented in, so that they can realise their actual and full potential – as each kid may be good in very different things. Anokhi has helped me take steps in that direction in a great way. And I hope to continue facilitating my son to realise his potential.

You should visit Anokhi to see for yourself and talk to the team there. They’re not great self-marketing folks – but go ahead and quiz them, you’ll be convinced. The regular catch up sessions with parents is a good thing – but what was amazing was the detailed report that they gave at the end of the year. It showed how well they’re observing each child and how passionate they are about each child. When the parent-teacher meetings go on for more than half an hour, with the teacher recalling specific instances of progress sparks and the childs interests, u know how much they’re passionate about what they do.

I’m extremely pleased with my decision to go with Anokhi and I will happily and confidently recommend Anokhi to all.

Mathew, Parent of Rehaan from the Toddler Environment

After we put Amogh in Anokhi Montessori,we observed many developments in him.He is very excited to go to school every day. His skill sets in terms of speaking and socializing with other children have shown a remarkable improvement.Apart from regular studies,there is an adequate focus on extra-curricular activities and field trips which have only enhanced his exposure to the world around. These developments in him have certainly been possible in him due to the excellent environment, love and support provided by his teachers at Anokhi. We would also like to congratulate these teachers that they observe all students very closely and have shared with us very constructive and progressive outlook and feedback about Amogh in all our meetings and interactions.

We wish Team Anokhi all the success in Future. Keep it up Team!!!

ANUPAMA, Parent of Amogh from the Pre-Primary Environment

Anokhi – A very newly born Montessori House of children in Bangalore.

It has been my good fortune to be able to bless many of the Montessori Houses started by my students. It is a reflection of how the principles and the philosophy of the method have touched the hearts of the students. It is not mere scholarly knowledge that makes students start Houses of children on their own. It is a tremendous responsibility if one understands the depth of the Montessori Method. It is not just making a syllabus at the beginning of the academic year and everyone following the same. The Method calls for a loving attention on every child and following the pace according to the child.

This calls for a great amount of perseverance, goodwill and immense love for the Child and his development.

I know Gayatri Futnani– one of my good students -who has taken this venture – or shall I say adventure – will be following the Montessori Method in its true sense and not bend backwards to gain popularity. In course of time the genuine Montessori gains immense popularity. May God bless her and her venture great success and and tremendous inner satisfaction. It must befit the name she has given “ANOKHI”


Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder Member, Indian Montessori Training Centre,Bangalore


Aarti, Gayatri, and Srividya are highly committed Montessorians. They believe in the Montessori method and the philosophy totally. They not only enjoy working with children but also respect and nurture every child’s individuality.

Geetha Nityananda, Montessori Consultant, and Advisor

I have known Srividya for the past 8 yrs.Even after being accomplished in her own field she was willing to have an open mind to learn more about the Montessori method . She gave the course her best and imbibed the Montessori way making it her passion now. From my interactions with her I learned that she has a very strong value system and a positive attitude to life making her a well rounded Montessori guide. Children in her care will definitely benefit a lot just by being with her.It has been a pleasure having her as a student and now as a friend.

Smruti Gopal , Director of Formative age, former Director of Gear International Montessori Institute

Srividya taught my child during the important 2.5 – 6 year period in a Montessori school. I really love her commitment to the method and her children. She is the right balance of caring and firm – the caring part encourages children to explore and discover while the firm part helps them learn the importance of boundaries in a sensitive way, the latter being a critical skill for all children.

Srividya is knowledgeable and always makes the effort to go deeper and present material in different ways. My son’s math skills are really strong and the credit is significantly Srividya’s for this – his entire batch showed this strength. Between high quality Montessori material for math and her ability to make concepts interesting (even the repetitive parts), children are likely to be engaged and interested learners of quantitative concepts.

My child looked forward to going to school every day, even throwing tantrums on Saturdays and Sundays because school was closed. Srividya was a large part of this enthusiasm for school and learning in my son’s life. I wish her and her partners much success and joy in their new venture. It is encouraging to know that children have access to caring and dedicated Montessori adults like Srividya and her partners at the start of their education.

Sangitha, Parent

To guide and bring out the best in a little human being one needs an individual who is caring, compassionate,patient and who respects the individuality of every child.But above all one who has the spark of the child in him or her which infuses the environment with energy, imagination and joy.

Gayatri is exactly that person who encompasses each of these qualities.She truly embraces the Montessori principles and lets the child set its own pace. But at the same time can recognise the capability of a child and guides him or her to new activities or complexities.

She was a wonderful Montessori teacher as well as a friend to my daughter for two years. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her years with Gayatri and excelled at her work. Any child will be lucky to have Gayatri in his/her life.

Ms Shalmili Sait, Parent

Thank you Gayatri for being a wonderful teacher to my daughter and for guiding her with warmth, enthusiasm, and positive energy! Best wishes always.

Dr. Shyam Bhat, Psychiatrist, Integrative Medicine specialist, and writer

Aarti has been the Montessori Adult for both my children in a reputed school.

She is a very dedicated teacher who knows how to handle the child skillfully. Very dedicated, she puts in great effort to ensure the child is independent , guides the child beautifully  and helps the child learn what is required. She gives them the right amount of guidance and is able to kindle/sustain their interest in any topic. She does not let the child get away with whims and tantrums and is able to tactfully get the child to do what is needed. Children come out of her environment confident, knowledgeable, happy and independent. This is very essential in a Montessori environment.  Children love her friendly nature and respect her. She is a perfect Montessori adult. I wish her all the best.

Kavitha Prasad, Parent