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I did a lot of search/research before sending my son to Anokhi. Did a check on the founders and their experience/expertise/capabilities, but was a bit sceptical considering they were just starting Anokhi. But decided to go with Anokhi after being convinced with their capabilities, after 2 rounds of visits and discussions with the team at Anokhi.
My son loved the place from day1 and has never looked back ever since. There were days when he cried to stay back at Anokhi after school time .

What I loved about Anokhi is the way they watch each child and give feedback. Never a negative comment or complaint. Some of the observations were surprising to us (like his interest in books and puzzles – i thought he was a lil too small for puzzles), but that has helped us in encouraging him to do more of what he’s interested in. I believe that as parents we should try and help our kids find out what they’re interested/talented in, so that they can realise their actual and full potential – as each kid may be good in very different things. Anokhi has helped me take steps in that direction in a great way. And I hope to continue facilitating my son to realise his potential.

You should visit Anokhi to see for yourself and talk to the team there. They’re not great self-marketing folks – but go ahead and quiz them, you’ll be convinced. The regular catch up sessions with parents is a good thing – but what was amazing was the detailed report that they gave at the end of the year. It showed how well they’re observing each child and how passionate they are about each child. When the parent-teacher meetings go on for more than half an hour, with the teacher recalling specific instances of progress sparks and the childs interests, u know how much they’re passionate about what they do.

I’m extremely pleased with my decision to go with Anokhi and i will happily and confidently recommend Anokhi to all.

Parent of Rehaan from the Toddler Environment