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Four years ago we enquired a number of schools for my son. Anokhi Montessori started by Gayatri, Aarti and Vidya stood out in the interactions and class observation that we had. 
My son has been with Anokhi for 3 and a half years. Gayatri Aunty as my son calls his Montessori teacher/guide is ever so loving, patient and ignites the spark to think, explore and learn.
I couldn’t thank Gayatri enough for these wonderful tender years. My son has grown to be confident, independent and well prepared to venture out into his 1st grade world.
He found the 1st grade admission interactions comfortable. It’s again thanks to Gayatri’s all-round focus on art, singing, dancing, communication, academic activities.
During covid times they did a good job of adapting the Montessori methodology to online classes. We were provided with Montessori materials for online classes. Offline classes with safety precautions started as soon as the government allowed to reopen.
Anokhi is a wonderful Montessori school with an encouraging and positive environment. The founder-teachers – Gayatri, Aarti and Vidya are passionate pre-primary educators who love what they do.