Admission Policy

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  1. Children will be admitted to Anokhi at the discretion of the Directors and if there is a vacancy.
  1. Eligibility
    • Admissions happen throughout the academic year, as and when the child turns the required age
    • Pre-primary Programme – minimum age for joining is 2½ years
  1. Procedure
    • If you are interested in Anokhi for your child, please fix an appointment either by phone or by email, during working hours. (Monday to Friday: 9am to 3pm, Saturday: 9am to 1pm)
    • Visit the school to get a brief insight into what we offer at Anokhi and collect the admission form.
    • We will get back to you when it has been processed, for an interaction with you and your child.
    • You will be intimated about the final decision by phone/ email.
    • Your child is officially enrolled when the Admission Fee and Fee for the year has been received.

Admission forms are issued throughout the year, if there is an opening. If there are no vacancies you may leave your child’s details and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

  1. Fees
    • A one time Admission Fee is payable at the time of admission.
    • A Maintenance Fee is charged annually along with the Tuition Fee.
    • All fees must be paid in full for the whole academic year before or on the due date. The place for the child is booked for the entire academic year, not a part of it. Fees will not be refunded even if your child has to leave midyear, due to any reason.
    • Every school year, the fee schedule will be reviewed and any changes will be notified in February, which will then be effective from June of the following academic year.
  1. Discontinuation Policy
    • Our team at Anokhi aims at maintaining a harmonious relationship with parents. However, there could be instances where the management reserves the right to discontinue the relationship. Such circumstances could be failure to pay fees, abuse of school staff/ property, conflict with school’s philosophy which may be detrimental to the child’s well being.