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In a few days our 6 yr old will set his foot in to 1st standard and i have to literally pinch myself to get used to that fact. Time flies so fast i tell you…
As we look forward to his further learning experiences, I can’t help but look back at the first montessori experience our boy had, at Anokhi Montessori. One saturday of March 2019, having visited a few places nearby following different learning methodologies we were interested in, we walked in to Anokhi Montessori ,the fourth on the list.
Talking to the two lovely women there, Aarti and Gayatri, understanding their interest, passion and commitment to having a good montessori learning environment for children, seeing their well-set space with all montessori learning materials, we realised that this was the place we would like our boy to start his learning journey.
Two months later, an overwhelmed and emotional me waited in their waiting room on the first day of school, wondering how the kid will adjust to the new arrangement, how would it all go. But it seems like it was just me who sat wondering. Kid came out excited and all set for the next day. In 2 weeks, we transitioned to spending 2 hours a day and by the 2nd month, he was ready for full time for his age group. The three ladies and the supporting staff, made going to school and learning an exciting experience for our son and from what i have observed as a parent waiting by the gate to pick-up, for all the other kids too.
All of us were having a happy ride, which is when the pandemic struck and life as we knew changed forever. It was during these tough times that the educators of Anokhi rose up and did their best possible to give children a sense of normal learning aligning with the Montessori methods while they were learning from home, a herculean task if you ask me.
The kids had their school time with the screens, but Anokhi did something very trusting and highly appreciable then. They sent us montessori learning materials home for a week, rotating them every week, while the kids did their work , practised the techniques with the materials at hand, their aunty guiding them alongside the daily sessions.
The kids worked with movable alphabets, bead chains and addition boards, cubes and puzzles, learning as in school but from home.
The little ones perched in front of a computer slowly adapted to a new way of learning, with one to one sessions, group sessions, birthday and festival celebrations being online. It was no easy feat. I saw that the kids and their aunties adapted so well to a new-normal, found a balance as they did their work, had language time, math time, story time, made art & crafts, danced to dandiya songs, decorated diyas for Diwali and had fun with carols for Christmas. Amidst all the chaos and changes, the pandemic brought in, i am relieved atleast some things went well.

Throughout the 3 1/2 years we have been with Anokhi, our son has always been enthusiastic about going to school, to meet his friends & aunties, do his work, have the yummy snacks ( been months since he had his last day at Anokhi but i still hear about the legendary chutney with dosa at Anokhi ), play time, nap time, school stories, basically loving everything about Anokhi.
One persistent question from the kid since last two months after the last day of Anokhi has been also about requests on meeting his Anokhi friends & visiting aunties at Anokhi.

To be frank i am a bit worried if my boy is going to be as happy and would be one with the environment as he was with Anokhi at the new school, for the impression set by Anokhi on his young mind is quite deep, his expectations are set quite high.

We wish you all the best to continue doing what you do, Aarti and Gayatri, to making first learning steps a wonderful experience for many more little ones whom you will take under your Anokhi wing.

Thank you very much for making our son’s first learning experience as beautiful as it could be.

Inde & Sebastian, Abhram’s Parents

Four years ago we enquired a number of schools for my son. Anokhi Montessori started by Gayatri and Aarti stood out in the interactions and class observation that we had.
My son has been with Anokhi for 3 and a half years. Gayatri Aunty as my son calls his Montessori teacher/guide is ever so loving, patient and ignites the spark to think, explore and learn.
I couldn’t thank Gayatri enough for these wonderful tender years. My son has grown to be confident, independent and well prepared to venture out into his 1st grade world.
He found the 1st grade admission interactions comfortable. It’s again thanks to Gayatri’s all round focus on art, singing, dancing, communication, academic activities.

During covid times they did a good job of adapting the Montessori methodology to online classes. We were provided with Montessori materials for online classes. Offline classes with safety precautions started as soon as the government allowed to reopen.

Anokhi is a wonderful Montessori school with an encouraging and positive environment. The founder-teachers – Gayatri and Aarti are passionate pre-primary educators who love what they do.

Swetha, Shashwath’s mother

Anokhi Montessori” was the choice Arun & me opted for Athira after visiting a couple of play schools near our vicinity and today we are happy with our decision.
Anokhi has been Athira’s second home! It was a warm journey for her through her toddler years.
The curriculum program and teaching methodology at Anokhi is very much appreciated. Being at Anokhi has made Athira independent and skilled for a child life today.
All the aunties here are very approachable n caring. My gratitude to Aarti & Gayatri who have played an instrumental role in the development of Athira’s character.
Last of all, I recommend this Montessori school for those looking to introduce their tiny tots into school life.
Wishing team Anokhi success in all their endeavours.

Vinitha & Arun, Athira’s parents

When we think of Anokhi, it gives us immense pride because our three children Annah, Mariah & John became transformed through the sharp and sensible minds of Anohki. It is one of the most unforgettable memories and the best our children could get. Everything that Anokhi did was purposeful. Above all each educator in Anokhi brought in a sense of excellence. Even now when we talk of Anokhi, our kids’ eyes light up and it a joy to watch – thank you Anokhi for touching our kids’ lives in a special way and transforming them to who they are now!

Minu and Shahju, Parent of Annah, Mariah, John

I did a lot of search/research before sending my son to Anokhi. Did a check on the founders and their experience/expertise/capabilities, but was a bit sceptical considering they were just starting Anokhi. But decided to go with Anokhi after being convinced with their capabilities, after 2 rounds of visits and discussions with the team at Anokhi.
My son loved the place from day1 and has never looked back ever since. There were days when he cried to stay back at Anokhi after school time .

What I loved about Anokhi is the way they watch each child and give feedback. Never a negative comment or complaint. Some of the observations were surprising to us (like his interest in books and puzzles – I thought he was a lil too small for puzzles), but that has helped us in encouraging him to do more of what he’s interested in. I believe that as parents we should try and help our kids find out what they’re interested/talented in, so that they can realise their actual and full potential – as each kid may be good in very different things. Anokhi has helped me take steps in that direction in a great way. And I hope to continue facilitating my son to realise his potential.

You should visit Anokhi to see for yourself and talk to the team there. They’re not great self-marketing folks – but go ahead and quiz them, you’ll be convinced. The regular catch up sessions with parents is a good thing – but what was amazing was the detailed report that they gave at the end of the year. It showed how well they’re observing each child and how passionate they are about each child. When the parent-teacher meetings go on for more than half an hour, with the teacher recalling specific instances of progress sparks and the childs interests, u know how much they’re passionate about what they do.

I’m extremely pleased with my decision to go with Anokhi and I will happily and confidently recommend Anokhi to all.

Mathew, Parent of Rehaan from the Toddler Environment

After we put Amogh in Anokhi Montessori,we observed many developments in him.He is very excited to go to school every day. His skill sets in terms of speaking and socializing with other children have shown a remarkable improvement.Apart from regular studies,there is an adequate focus on extra-curricular activities and field trips which have only enhanced his exposure to the world around. These developments in him have certainly been possible in him due to the excellent environment, love and support provided by his teachers at Anokhi. We would also like to congratulate these teachers that they observe all students very closely and have shared with us very constructive and progressive outlook and feedback about Amogh in all our meetings and interactions.

We wish Team Anokhi all the success in Future. Keep it up Team!!!

ANUPAMA, Parent of Amogh from the Pre-Primary Environment

Anokhi – A very newly born Montessori House of children in Bangalore.

It has been my good fortune to be able to bless many of the Montessori Houses started by my students. It is a reflection of how the principles and the philosophy of the method have touched the hearts of the students. It is not mere scholarly knowledge that makes students start Houses of children on their own. It is a tremendous responsibility if one understands the depth of the Montessori Method. It is not just making a syllabus at the beginning of the academic year and everyone following the same. The Method calls for a loving attention on every child and following the pace according to the child.

This calls for a great amount of perseverance, goodwill and immense love for the Child and his development.

I know Gayatri Futnani– one of my good students -who has taken this venture – or shall I say adventure – will be following the Montessori Method in its true sense and not bend backwards to gain popularity. In course of time the genuine Montessori gains immense popularity. May God bless her and her venture great success and and tremendous inner satisfaction. It must befit the name she has given “ANOKHI”


Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder Member, Indian Montessori Training Centre,Bangalore

Aarti and Gayatri are highly committed Montessorians. They believe in the Montessori method and the philosophy totally. They not only enjoy working with children but also respect and nurture every child’s individuality.

Geetha Nityananda, Montessori Consultant, and Advisor


To guide and bring out the best in a little human being one needs an individual who is caring, compassionate,patient and who respects the individuality of every child.But above all one who has the spark of the child in him or her which infuses the environment with energy, imagination and joy.

Gayatri is exactly that person who encompasses each of these qualities.She truly embraces the Montessori principles and lets the child set its own pace. But at the same time can recognise the capability of a child and guides him or her to new activities or complexities.

She was a wonderful Montessori teacher as well as a friend to my daughter for two years. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her years with Gayatri and excelled at her work. Any child will be lucky to have Gayatri in his/her life.

Ms Shalmili Sait, Parent

Thank you Gayatri for being a wonderful teacher to my daughter and for guiding her with warmth, enthusiasm, and positive energy! Best wishes always.

Dr. Shyam Bhat, Psychiatrist, Integrative Medicine specialist, and writer

Anokhi happened to us by accident. And we are glad for this happy accident, as these have been the best 3 years for Sreshta and us. Anokhi is the ideal springboard for the first formative important years with the loving and caring teachers. They not only maintain the academic rigor but also ensure that the kids find their happy warm place, almost an extension of  homes, where they can be themselves and discover more.

Also, during covid, they could immediately switch to online schooling and managed it very well with one on one online and group sessions. The kids got personal attention and the learning never stopped. The school also shared the required Montessori material for the kids to practise at home. Grateful to the entire founding team of Anokhi and especially Gayatri who accommodated our requests of finding a school for the first grade and prepping Sreshta for all the admission tests. Gayatri went above and beyond in helping us with insights about various schools and also put in touch with anokhi alumni parents to get reviews about various schools. Sreshta today is a young confident child and the credit goes to her first teachers – Gayatri, and Aarti.


To sum it up, if you are in and around Indiranagar and looking for an exceptional Montessori school which  emphasises on learning, establishing strong fundamentals and  developing young confident kids with a passionate founding team of qualified and Montessori trained teachers, then Anokhi Montessori is the place!

 Vidya and Prasanna, Parents of Sreshta Prasanna, (Batch 2018 – 2021)

One of the best Montessori schools in this locality.

It was truly a home away from home for my son. We started our journey in 2022 and it has been a great year filled with enormous learning. From being a child who wanted to seek attention with actions to someone who can talk crystal clear, with a good vocabulary, well mannered and independent, we’ve come a long way I’ve also learnt a lot with my son.

Thanks to his favourite Gayatri and Arathi Maam for being his go-to-people, for giving him enough comfort and support to nurture him so beautifully in this important phase.

Definitely recommend Anokhi to all.

Pallavi Vishwa, Siddhanth’s mother

Aarti has been the Montessori Adult for both my children in a reputed school.

She is a very dedicated teacher who knows how to handle the child skillfully. Very dedicated, she puts in great effort to ensure the child is independent , guides the child beautifully  and helps the child learn what is required. She gives them the right amount of guidance and is able to kindle/sustain their interest in any topic. She does not let the child get away with whims and tantrums and is able to tactfully get the child to do what is needed. Children come out of her environment confident, knowledgeable, happy and independent. This is very essential in a Montessori environment.  Children love her friendly nature and respect her. She is a perfect Montessori adult. I wish her all the best.

Kavitha Prasad, Parent

I got the opportunity to meet Gayatri and Aarti a month ago at their annual day in BIC. They are two highly motivated, dedicated and inspiring young women who put their heart and soul into Anokhi Montessori and the children they nurture. The school is centrally located and I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a safe and warm environment for their kids with a lot of individual attention. They also encourage activities in art, music and culture which is a big plus for me 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work, ladies!

Samantha Andrade, Founder of August Music Productions

To say that Anokhi has been an important part of the life journey of our son and daughter says only a little. It’s been more than that, We have seen how Ekanthika and Vihaan have blossomed into what they are today and all of that credit goes to Aarti, and Gayatri. Together our two kids have spent a good 7 years with Anokhi. The staffs commitment to the Montessori way of teaching only shined more when they actually put in a mechanism to share the Montessori materials on a periodic basis with all the kids during the pandemic, I am yet to hear of any other school which had done anything similar during the pandemic. Hats off to their commitment. Asides the academics their focus on conducting field trips ranging from Vet Hospitals to animal farms richly enriches the kids about the outside world.

In Anokhi every kid is seen as a unique individual with their own behaviour traits and learning capabilities, and they are embraced as they are.

We only wish the best for Anokhi in the coming years.

Arun and Diana, Parents of Ekanthika and Vihaan

As anxious parents, we visited many schools and finalised Anokhi Montessori.

Gayatri, and Aarti are ardent Montessorians which makes the children comfortable and have a sense of belonging. They keenly observe and take care of every child’s best interest.
Anagha blossomed from a shy child who’d barely speak into someone who’d speak her mind out and have a strong opinion for everything around.
Gayatri has been everything from a radar to a rudder in shaping Anagha. Gayatri’s been such a positive influence that her taste in flowers, music and compassion towards dogs rubbed onto Anagha.
Anagha’s learnings at Anokhi helped her develop into a strong, independent individual, confident for the next stage of world of learning.

Anokhi Montessori is a home away from home and a happy place for every child. Every recall of a Anokhi memory brings out joyous emotions, to be cherished for life !

Pramod and Shubha, Parents of Anagha Pandurangi

I remember going to a lot of Montessori schools before we decided to enrol our son there. I remember having this discussion with my wife after meeting the founding team, to put him there even though they were just starting up that year. Yes, they came across as knowledgeable about their profession, passionate in how they approached it, etc – but what stood out for us was the spark of care and love we saw in them towards the kids (not to mention how the kids have grown to love them back with their life!!). From then on, there was no looking back.

Along the way we have received feedback that was not always pleasing to hear about your child, but that was always with a constructive intent and we learnt along the way to take it in that spirit since we also believed in timely intervention and disciplining of kids, and I think that monitoring and timely intervention from them has immensely helped our kids, and we also grew as parents along the way.

When we were having our second child we didn’t have to think twice, and we invoked the ‘sibling quota’ (don’t think they had a policy around it, but never mind). Even with challenges of Younger child syndrome, covid child syndrome, etc etc the Anokhi team has worked wonders with her too. Not to mention how we also have a proud Anokhi alumni / older brother around who still brims with love for everyone and anything related to Anokhi.

Cant thank the Anokhi team enough for what they have done for both our kids. Gayatri, Aarti , Nana aunty and Tulsi aunty will always be loved dearly and fondly remembered by both of them. Thank you Team Anokhi for grooming them in these very crucial early years – Anokhi will remain close to our hearts.

Mathew Parambil (Amelia and Rehaan’s father)