Understanding Montessori

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Probably the most important learning your children will do will not involve academics. It will concern character, compassion, kindness, diligence, sacrifice and responsibility. – Debbie Strayer

Understanding Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was an incredible Italian woman, whose vision and method was far ahead of her times. Today, more than a hundred years later, her ideas are just as relevant as before and her method continues to work wonders even in this fast paced world.

The Montessori Method recognizes and respects that each child is different and unique and works at his/ her own pace.

A Montessori environment is a mixed age environment. Our pre primary environment has children from the ages of 21/2 to 6. Children spend about 3 to 4 years in the same space, which not only helps them get to know their peers and adults very well, but fosters a sense of belonging and responsibility towards their community. This mixed age group has a lot of advantages. For instance, the older children become very sensitive and understanding towards the needs of their younger friends, who in turn learn a lot by observing them.

We offer the children a hands on approach towards learning which goes beyond the confines of a classroom. Abstract concepts are introduced to the children via concrete materials and experiences.

In a Montessori environment, there are no fixed timetables, textbooks or black boards.  It is prepared in such a way that everything is accessible to the child and can be used with minimal adult supervision. This helps in developing the child’s independence.

Children have the freedom to move around and choose activities which have already been introduced to them. This hones their ability to make decisions. Freedom to move enables the children of this age group to satisfy their need to explore and develops their coordination.

The environment usually has single sets of material and there could be situations where a child has to wait for an activity. This helps him in exercising his will power.

Like in any other community, the freedom given to a child in a Montessori environment comes with responsibility and there are some rules which he needs to understand and follow.

The activities that are initially offered to the child are those that are already familiar to him. This helps him in settling down faster and makes the transition from home to this new environment a smooth one.